An Apostolic Church, Building an Apostolic People, Advancing the Kingdom of God


An Apostolic Church
Building an Apostolic People
Advancing the Kingdom of God

Spirit and Truth Worship and Training Center began in the winter of 1991. Services, then, for our small congregation were held at our Pastor’s home at 1613 N. 33rd Street in Philadelphia, PA. For the next several months, the congregation grew until it had outgrown the Pastor’s home. Worship services were then transferred to rented space at Temple University of Philadelphia, PA. Because of continued growth, the church relocated to 1500 N. Belfield Avenue, where we leased that facility for a year.

In February 1992, Spirit and Truth Worship and Training Center of Philadelphia, PA incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania.

In April of 1993, the church relocated to 1425 Arch Street, 3rd floor. Upon arriving at that location, Spirit And Truth Worship And Training Center leased a small portion of the third floor. The church began to operate as a full service church and ministry outreach, opening up its doors seven days a week and almost twenty hours a day. Strategically placed in the center of the city, Spirit and Truth Worship and Training Center quickly became a source of food and clothing for the homeless and the jobless, and a source of spiritual nourishment for those who were spiritually hungry. This led to the opening up of The Christian Resource Center, later to be named The Incorruptible Seed Bookstore.

In 1994, Spirit and Truth Worship and Training Center began to impact the masses of the downtown area with the Word of God, causing increase and growth to the local church. This momentum began to build and made it necessary to plan for the Plus Pre-School Center, Manna For Today, a daily Bible Study outreach, Healing School and The School Of Intercession to meet the needs of the people.

1998 was a year of great expansion for our growing church. In April, the church relocated to another location, 5070 Parkside Ave. The 31,000 square foot facility we occupied allowed us to expand the Plus Pre-School Center and the Excel Christian Academy, as well as, launch the Nu-Vision Computer Training Institute. Nu-Vision is a school that offers basic and advanced computer training on the latest operating systems.

Upon returning from a Pastor’s conference in January 1993, Pastor Freeman received an
Apostolic call: “to build a strong “governing anointing” in the Northeast region of the USA. This anointing would have influence, as far West as, Detroit and Chicago.

Upon hearing these words, Pastor Freeman began to share and speak to those close to him, what the Lord had said. It was not long, that Pastor Freeman became re-acquainted with Apostle Corletta Vaughn, of Detroit MI. Apostle Vaughn discerned the Apostolic Gifting in Pastor Freeman and invited him to the “School of Wisdom” Conference, sponsored by “Go Tell It Ministry Worldwide Network of Churches” (GTIMWNC). The next year, Pastor and Mrs. Freeman joined the ranks of GTIMWNC Fellowship and received mentoring from Apostle Vaughn. In June 1999, the fifth year of being in the “Network”, Pastor Freeman was ordained as a National Presbyter, to the Eastern Region.

Our Mission:
To build a strong, governing anointing; an Apostolic anointing

To raise up an apostolic assembly to influence this eastern region for Christ

To release, plant, support and pray for the churches and Ascension Gift Ministries, in our region, as they enter the harvest fields

To rebuild the waste places; to raise up the foundations of many generations

To restore the foundations of urban communities devastated for generations

Our Objective:

To search out and establish new territories, for local churches to
be planted

To equip and develop pastors and church leadership for the continuance of those local churches

To enlarge our sphere of ministry by leading ministry teams into local, regional, national and global evangelism

To repair the breaches in urban communities

Our Goal:

To raise up G-12 apostolic teams

To merge the anointing, gifting, abilities and talents of team members to form one corporate move of God

To equip and develop leaders to function, “as able ministers of the new covenant”, in this 21st Century

To fitly join and compact every part, whereby every joint supplies its measure for the expansion and edification of the local body

To rebuild the wasted cities


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