Sacerdotal Summit 2017


“The Anointing To Remain”

Part I: The Anointing to Remain

“Introduction” (subtitle)

The time of John reflects our time. Believers in the church, who were once grounded in apostolic doctrine and well established in Christian truth, are having their steadfastness in the truth challenged and threatened by the “lure of worldliness” and the trickery of false teachers.
John exposes:
1. The alloys, the mixture of false doctrine and worldliness that has produced other than what Christ said should be formed. The many allowances fostered a different direction, a different focus and a different outcome.
2. He sees the emptiness of “profession of Christ” without “practicing Christ-likeness”
3. He sees the seriousness of them “losing their first love” and their need to REPENT and go back and do the first works.
4. We see the fallacy of Church-growth being super-imposed over Christ-growth
5. We see the many anti-christs that are in the world. John said, they went out from among us proving that they were not of us, for had they been of us, no doubt, they would have remained with us.


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