Global Reach School of Ministry


Global Reach School of Ministry

                                             (A Division Of Spirit And Truth Worship And Training Church, Inc.)

We are on a Mission!

To Know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent!



 EVANGELISM IS OUR SUPREME TASK!!!  At Global Reach School of Ministry, we’ve heard the clarion call to go into all the world and preach the gospel; to make disciples of all nations; To Know God And To Make Him Known!

 Our vision is to bring the Gospel of Salvation, Deliverance and the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to our local communities and regions beyond.

We envision the commitment and multiplication of faithful men, who shall be able to teach others, also.

We have not chosen Him, but He has CHOSEN us, and ORDAINED us to go forth and bring forth fruit, and that our fruit may remain.


Our mission is to search out and establish new territories for local churches to be planted; to equip and develop pastors and leadership for the continuance of those local churches; to release, plant, support, intercede on behalf of, at least 12 churches and Ascension Gift ministries a year, as they enter the harvest fields; to enlarge our sphere of ministry and lead ministry teams into local, regional, national, and global ministry.

We’ve been commissioned to build a strong, governing anointing, an apostolic assembly, to influence this region for Christ, to advance the Kingdom of God by launching the Ascension Gifts to affect the nations for Christ.

By planting new churches and raising up leaders, who can reach leaders, we shall make a global impact on this generation before the Sovereign Lord’s return.


 Global Reach School of Ministry was born out of the need to raise up New Testament leaders equipped for 21st Century ministry.   In recent years, leaders have been trained, new churches have been planted, new ministries launched and new structures and design implemented.

Global Reach School of Ministry has answered the call to mentor, provide resources and support visionaries in the task of church ministry.

Global Reach School of Ministry is non-denominational and represents and accepts a variety of denominational affiliations, provided they adhere to the basic tenets of the faith, as presented in the Holy Scriptures.



Resources for training and equipping

Mentoring relationships for ministry development

Fellowship connection for church leaders and Ascension Gifts

A Communion of like-minded churches and ministries

An Apostolic covering for structure, order and protocol (Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Presiding Prelate of Go Tell It Ministry Worldwide Network of Churches, provides apostolic covering; who is the Chief Apostle to the churches). 

A Ministerial Licensing Program

Help with Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and Bylaws, F.E.I.N.’s and 501 c3’s


 Global Reach School of Ministry is funded by special gifts, alms, contributions, endowments, and the tuition of its student body.


 Ascension Gifts Ministries






Worship and the Arts



Drama Ministry

Dance Ministry

Visual & Performing Arts

Church Planting

Pastoral Development

Leadership Development

Equipping the Saints


Releasing the Gifts

Support Ministries

Harvesting the wheat

Ministry Teams

Local Ministry

National ministry

Global Ministry



At Global Reach School of Ministry, we have developed a Ministerial Licensing Program to further equip the men and women of God in fulfilling their destinies and Godly purposes. Our doors, School of Ministry, and Licensing Department are opened to local churches, participating churches, denominational affiliations and individual believers who satisfy the pre-application requirements, course requirements, and who agree to the determinations of the Ministerial Licensing Committee. (All determinations for licenses are subject  to the Board of Presbytery, with final authority in the ratification vote of the Board of Directors of the Spirit and Truth Worship and Training Church, Inc.)




Must have been a Christian for at least three years.

Must be of outstanding reputation within your church.

Must have pastoral approval before applying.

Must have evidence of a Divine Gift. (Ordained, Commissioned Ministers)

Must have a proven Gospel Ministry. (Ordained, Commissioned Ministers)


Will be held once a year, in the spring.


Purpose for Licensure

Our purpose for licensing is to recognize and validate what God has already done.  It is to represent, before the community and congregation, the authority bestowed upon the licensee to act in the name of the validating Organization.


Definition of a Licensed, Ordained or Commissioned Minister

For the purposes of Global Reach School of Ministry, listed below are the criteria or definition used for licensing.

 9 Sacerdotal functions of the Ordained Minister

 The sacerdotal or sacred functions of the ordained minister formulate his/her job description.  It is through these functions done a) consistently b) participatory and c) with a readiness to avail yourself to these functions that separates the ordained minister from the licensed minister and Christian worker.

These functions are:

a) Water baptisms                               b) Holy Communion                          c) Weddings

d) Funerals                                            e) Administration                               f) Teaching

g) Regular conducting of                   h) Baby dedications                            i) Spiritual counseling

worship services

For the purposes of Global Reach School Of Ministry, acceptance and recognition of your license or ordination is based on your performance of these functions.  Those ministers and/or individuals who are duly ordained, commissioned, or licensed by this Body will be given the authority to conduct religious worship, perform sacerdotal functions, and administer ordinances or sacraments according to the prescribed tenets and practices of this body, or that of a participating church or denomination. The nine functions mentioned above should be met on a regular basis and will determine the scope and range of license.

Different types of Licenses

At Global Reach School of Ministry we offer three forms of licensing. These licenses are used to represent, before the congregation and community, the authority bestowed upon the licensee to function or act in its name. They are as follows:

1. Christian Worker

2. Licensed Minister

3. Ordained Minister

 Additional Requirements and Descriptions For Each Type of License


A Christian Worker’s license will be issued to a member of the church/participating church/denomination who has a proven record of commitment, who reflects such in his/her life and has volunteered to help with the work of the ministry. The work may be that of making hospital visits, praying for the sick and invalids, or working in the church. This license will be beneficial in giving the person some credibility with hospital staff and police departments, etc. This type of license does not give the worker the privilege to marry or conduct funerals. He/she also would not qualify for any special tax rules.


A Licensed Minister’s license will be issued to a person that has become apart of the pastoral staff of the church/participating church/denomination.  It will give (your) staff ministers of the church the authority to marry, conduct funerals and to lead worship services and much more. (License will specify)


The Ordained Minister’s license will be issued to a person that has been duly ordained by this Body/participating church/denomination.  This level of licensure requires some courses of study and/or a number of years of ministry experience. The Ordained Minister’s license is granted to a person who is either the pastor or associate pastor of an existing church, or soon to be pastor or associate pastor of a new church. This license is to signify that he/she is in charge of the congregation (usually a senior pastor or an associate pastor).


The Ministerial Licensing Committee shall renew licenses upon proof of active ministry status.  (Some further testing may be required.)


 Two files for each licensee will be kept in different places. Global Reach School of Ministry assures that those records will never be lost or stolen. Records, also, will be scanned into computers and/or each individual file stored away on a CD in a security vault.


 The Ministerial Licensing Committee will mail the license, upon completion of all required courses.


Christian Workers

Course Name

How to Study the Bible

Hospital Visits

Home Visiting

Serving in the Church


Minister’s License

Course Name

Pastoral Theology

Ministry 101

Leadership 101

Faith and Church Government

Principals of Teaching

Effective Outreach

Ordination License

Course Name

Old Testament Studies

New Testament Studies

Church Growth

Church Management

Leadership 102

Preaching 101,102




School Year



Application For Ministers Licensing Program

Please complete all information requested. (Please print or type)


Full Name: ___________________________________________________________________


Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________


City: __________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _____________


Email Address: ______________________________________________Please print very, very carefully


Telephone Number: (______)_____________________ Date of Birth: ____/____/________


Have you accepted Christ as your savior? YES [ ] NO [ ]


Have you received the call from God to become a Christian Minister? YES [ ] NO [ ]


Which type of license are you applying for: All Fees are non-refundable.


_____Ordained Minister        _____Licensed Minister         _____Christian Worker

$50.00 Application Fee                            $50.00 Application Fee                            $25.00 Application Fee


Marital Status: _____Married           _____Single    _____Divorced           _____Widowed


Are you in harmony with the doctrines of this ministry? Please circle one Yes          No


Please state your reason for requesting the license:______________________________________




How have you come to sense God’s call upon your life?_________________________________




Do you sense a specific calling on your life? i.e.: missionary, evangelist, pastor, and etc.___________



Are you prepared to take the classes necessary to meet the requirements? Please circle one Yes      No


What type of Christian service have you been involved with in the past?



If granted a license, will you faithfully follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and your pastor and avail yourself to serve the church? Please circle one Yes     No


If you are a member of another church, please submit the following information:


Name of Home Church___________________________ Name of Pastor___________________


Church Address__________________________, City_________________ State_____ Zip_____


Church Phone #____________________________


By applying, I agree to bind myself to all the requirements and regulations of Global Reach School of Ministry. I also agree that in no way am I guaranteed a license unless the Board of Directors and Ministerial Licensing Committee determine that I qualify to receive one.


Signed________________________________ Date______________



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