Our men’s ministry, the Brotherhood of Faithful Men, International is a full service developmental ministry.  Its goals are to redeem, to reclaim, to restore, and to renew the lives of men. This ministry addresses the issues of under-development of men. It reinforces who men are before God and reconstructs this divine relationship.  It exposes the unlimited capabilities of a man and redirects his movements to bring about total fulfillment in this world and the world to come. It re-aligns men with the vital relationships that develop character, credibility and responsibility.  It also reveals a man’s need for accountability.  This ministry centers around a man’s relationship with God, through His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ; a relationship with his wife and his children; a man’s responsibility to provide a home for his family and for a man to enjoy, in this life,  all the fruits of his labor.  …”For these are his portion under the sun”… Eccl. 9:9

While the world looks for better methods, God looks for better men.

Unearthing the hidden value of a man ( a Black man)

Your strength is the knowledge of self; Your strength lies in your unity; Your strength is in your ability to stabilize world economies; Your strength is in your capability to dominate cultures; Your strength is your accountability to humanity.





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